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Imagination should be cultivated if you wish to become a healthy individual and aside from reading and making art there are few better ways than playing games. And, also – games are fun. Especially science fiction. The ones that make us think and wonder. Or scare us to death, sometimes.



Before there was Gravity, there was Adrift. This incredibly immersive first person game places you in the place of an astronaut trapped on the space station orbiting Earth, attempting to survive a crash. Does it sound like something you would skip? Didn’t think so! Unique features of this game make it one of the 2015’s most popular games, and you should try it and see why it got so many prizes for anything from gameplay and innovations to graphics and effects.


Proven Lands

This indie title is something you have to see; it is easy to miss since it never really made it big, but it is amazing! You will be playing as an alien trying to survive in space, surrounded by thousands other foreigners in the procedural generated surroundings where every step leads you to something new, and there are no two experiences the same. There is always something new to do, create, explore and experience – kind of like No Man’s Sky that works.


Last Life

Talking about the indie games – Last Life is a quirky looking sci-fi noir adventure. This alone was a selling point for me, even before I heard that it is set on Mars, and you are playing a detective 3D printed from the dead to crack his last case. I mean, really? If this doesn’t get you, nothing will. The graphics are off the charts, with the incredible looking realistic characters and with the visual style that separates this game from anything you’ve ever seen.


Quantum Break

Back to the A-gamers. This Microsoft baby is showing some promise especially after it was announced that there would be a show following the game to better tune us in the story. This only goes to show how amazing the story is. It features time traveling and manipulation after our character was granted power to see future and alter time. Neat, right?


Star Wars: Battlefront

I almost feel like there is nothing left to say after writing the title for this one. After the success that was made with The Force Awakens, there is nothing standing in the way of the new Battlefront when it comes to world domination. Battlefront already made its name giving us the chance to experience the first person lives of storm troopers in epic battles placed inside the SW universe. We can drive vehicles, giant robots, ATT walkers and many others. We also have a chance to try our chances as one of the Jedi or Sith Masters, wielding lightsabers and doing force moves. What more can you wish for a game?

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The Last Giant

Dark Souls 2 is a very hard game that requires a lot of skill. This is a game in which you die after several hits. This game teaches patience through the importance of dodge and block skills.

Upgrading the health of your character may help you against small enemies. Every boss in the game will kill you in two or three hits, and no health upgrade will assist you with that. Defeating bosses is a game of patience and observation. You have to die several times simply to have enough time to read the attack patterns of a boss as well as his big moves. Some people find it very hard to deal with those bosses. Those people should read this rather short but also very informative guide.

The Last Giant is not a hard boss to defeat, if you know the patterns he uses. This boss uses six simple fight patterns that you can counter with a bit of patience.

– The first attack is falling forward if you are too far from it. The only way to evade this one is to run at him and thus prevent this pattern from happening. Be sure not to go into corners as they will be your doom.

– Once you get close to the giant, it will perform a horizontal sweep pattern. When the attack starts, run forward and get in between its legs. But don’t just stand there get a bit behind it.

– One you get under the giant it will use its stomping attack which may be deadly if you aren’t careful enough. But just before the assault happens, do try to hit its legs two or three times. You can go for an attack or two more, but that is dangerous.

– When you notice the beginning of the stomp attack run away or dodge. It would be best to run and get in front of your enemy as soon as possible. This will initiate the sweep attack, and you can repeat this until its health goes down to 50 percent.

– At half health, the Last Giant will rip one of its arms of and use it as a cudgel. The range of his attacks is increased so do be careful.

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Dragonrider is a very straightforward and enjoyable boss in Dark Souls 2. It uses only two attacks, so it is easy to recognize its the impending move and counter it.

– The first attack is the lunge pattern. It knocks your character back whenever it hits it. Due to the place where you battle this boss, there is a high chance the attack will knock you off the platform where you fight it and kill you instantly. Staying behind the Dragonrider will counter this attack.

– The second type of attack is the horizontal sweep, and it can happen once or twice in a pattern. Hitting the boss three or four times and then running behind its back will ensure your victory.

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Fallout 4 hype

Posted By on Aug 10, 2016

Todd Howard from Bethesda Game Studios enthusiastically announced to a hall full of nerds that Fallout 4 would be coming out and they went nuts. It was also announced that those who would purchase Fallout 4 in the first 90 days after its initial release on November 10th will receive a code to download a free copy of Fallout 3. However, according to a post on Bethesda Blog, it turned out that Bethesda Game Studios was only offering that luxury to those who pre-order Fallout 4. The code would then be available to them within a 7-10 day period of pre-ordering and will be redeemable on or on the Xbox 360. Still, the game has been released so you are not interested in this anymore.

Buyers will be able to play Fallout 3 on the Xbox One if they acquire a free copy this way because it’ll feature backwards compatibility. However, the offer only stands, it seems, if you purchase your copy of Fallout 4 from the Xbox Store. There’s no mention of this offer anywhere on Amazon or GAME. Also, it’s bad news for PS4 gamers because the offer is exclusive to Xbox One. Also, many users are confused about whether Fallout 3 will be a playable title on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility – Bethesda products are known for various bugs on every platform at launch, something that might impact their release on the Xbox One which essentially attempts to emulate the 360 via software.

Fallout 4 is now available for pre-order on the Xbox Games Store for $59.99/£59.99. Moving away from the controversial UK price for the game, it seems like a decent offer provided gamers are willing to sacrifice a physical copy as part of the trade.

Open World Gaming

The release is really important for the PC because of two reasons: Mortal Kombat X and Arkham Knight. Fallout has come to be known as one of the most complete Open World experiences there is so it’s really important that it transcends the controversy surrounding the two biggest screw ups for PC gaming this year. Come November, people will be expecting fluid performance across all platforms, not a promise to release patches a few days later.

Todd Howard said that the team at Bethesda Studios had been working on Fallout 4 since 2009, just a year after the release of 3, so expectations are really high for this, arguably even higher than Arkham Knight.

Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition

The elusive collector’s edition of Fallout 4 called the Pip Boy Edition has been sold out on retail stores but starting this Friday, GAME says it’ll replenish its supplies to give people another chance to buy it.As a member of the Fallout Club, we are excited to share all our news with you first and tell you that the Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition will be available to preorder once again in-store and online from late morning on Friday. These will be extremely limited and on a first come, first served basis so do not delay wasteland go-ers!

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